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5 Healthy Snack Alternatives to Keep You Energized

5 Healthy Snack Alternatives to Keep You Energized

Sleepy, tired and ready to go home, 3 p.m. is when I hit the proverbial “wall” on weekdays. To satisfy my inevitable cravings for carbs, I often make the mistake of choosing something that won’t help me get through the last leg of my day, including dinner prep. The good news is, I’ve done some research and am willing to share what I’ll be picking up the next time I go to the grocery store. These snacks will not only keep you energized, but they are low in calories as well.

Nick caught sneaking a mid-morning summer snack. Wish he would head to the fruit bowl instead!

It’s low in fat, tastes great and fills you up. Air-popped is best, folks. Second best is getting it popped and prepackaged (my choice, but a little costly). Save the movie theater stuff for a few times a year. A small bag of movie theater popcorn can contain as many as 225 calories.  Low-calorie popcorn, like Smart Pop, is a healthy alternative to buttery movie theater popcorn – and it is still filled with flavor.

Peanut butter and banana
Really, any piece of fruit helps to satisfy the carb cravings, but bananas are especially filling. With a little bit of peanut butter, you can also get a good protein fix and lots of energy. The key is to limit yourself to half a banana when it’s a snack. The other half of the banana can be easily saved or frozen, which is perfect for a smoothie later in the day or cut up on top of cereal for the kids.

Some freshly washed eggs from our coop. Yum!

Hard-boiled eggs
Of all my snack ideas, this one takes the most thoughtful planning because it requires a fair amount of time to boil the eggs.  If you’re anything like me and don’t have much time on your hands, you can find hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerated case at the convenience store and the grocery store. If you ask me, it’s pure genius. Manufacturers know time is a commodity, and that’s what you’ll pay for (plus protein and good fat). Trust me, I have 3 kids!

Roasted almonds (unsalted or lightly salted) are a great source of energy with protein and good fat. As a bonus, they are very filling. Better to measure out a serving size than eat them straight from the bag.


Cottage cheese with fruit
This one is in honor of my dad, who used to eat cottage cheese with just about everything. He really liked it with sliced peaches from the can. Cottage cheese is very satisfying and keeps you full for a long time. It also offers a healthy dose of calcium and protein. Top it off with a little fruit (I like dried cranberries) and the chewy consistency and sweetness is sure to curb cravings. Not a fan of mixing in fruit? For a quick snack, I love a savory cottage cheese, seasoned with a dash of salt and pepper.


The perfect snack to keep you energized for HOURS!

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