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5-Ingredient Spicy Shrimp + Grits

5-Ingredient Spicy Shrimp + Grits

I love to make dishes inspired by the holidays surrounding us. Not only does it help me keep meals fresh, but it’s fun too! As Mardi Gras approaches, I pulled out a delicious Cajun recipe I love. For added fun on Fat Tuesday, I recommend pairing with colorful bead necklaces and King Cake.

Since I was little, I’ve loved Creole cuisine. Several years ago, my family visited New Orleans, one of my Mom’s favorite places. Walking down Bourbon Street, you’re enveloped in the vibrant colors and characters of the area. Truly, one bite of this recipe and I can picture myself in the heart of the French Quarter again.

Harissa is a spicy chili pepper and roasted red pepper sauce that varies in heat. It can be used as an ingredient, such as in this recipe, or condiment. You’ll detect notes of lemon and mint as well as cumin, coriander and caraway in this versatile product. As a mom with little ones who have sensitive taste buds, know that you can purchase harissa at various spice levels, so be cognizant of the level that’s right for your family’s palette. This quick, gluten-free recipe with grits as an accompaniment is a great choice for an easy weekday dinner.

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