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Coconut Oil: A Tool for Your Kitchen and Your Beauty Routine

Coconut Oil: A Tool for Your Kitchen and Your Beauty Routine

Is there a tool or product that you just can’t live without? For me, coconut oil is that product. It makes everything easier; from your morning skincare routine to your dinner prep, coconut oil is a great asset. Even though it’s a simple household product, it can be useful in a variety of areas. While it may seem crazy at first, this seemingly ordinary product can be used to get extraordinary results.

I’ve rounded up a few ways that I’ve found that it can be most useful.

Cook with it!

There are many uses for coconut oil as a healthy alternative in the kitchen. I love using it when popping popcorn! By substituting coconut oil for canola oil, you’re able to turn the family-favorite snack into a heart-healthy option. Often times, the least healthy factor with popcorn is the oil it’s cooked in. When prepared this way, you can enjoy popcorn while feeling good about what you’re feeding your family.

It is also a much healthier alternative when pan-frying potatoes or chicken. Try it as the base for cooking your next hearty meal and see if you can taste the difference. If not, make the switch!

If you’re interested in cutting back on dairy, diets such as Keto and Whole30 recommend using coconut oil in salad dressings, coffee, and tea in lieu of milk or creamer.

Skin and Hair Care

Most consumers know coconut oil is immensely moisturizing, and it is, in fact, a great natural remedy for dry and cracking skin. However, there are many other ways to use the product to improve your skin and hair health.

One of my favorite ways to use coconut oil is for removing my makeup, as opposed to harsher, more traditional face wipes. Not only is coconut oil less harsh on your skin, but it’s also a more eco-friendly option since you’re eliminating waste produced by the single-use wipes.

Coconut oil is also the perfect base for homemade sugar scrubs and deodorant. If you’re interested in switching to cleaner, homemade hygiene and body care products, learning how to use coconut oil is the first step.

This past summer I paired it with aloe vera to help with after sun care for our family during/after vacation. The moisturizing properties of the oil paired with the natural cooling effects of the aloe creates a paste with some superb healing abilities that will restore and relieve your skin after sun damage.

While I’ve given you a few different options for using coconut oil, there are so many other ways that it can be put to good use. Even as a veteran coconut oil user, I’m discovering new tips and tricks all the time. If you find another fun way to substitute coconut oil, let me know! I’m always on the hunt for the newest way to create a clean home for my family.

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