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Farm to Table – Bushel to Plate

Farm to Table – Bushel to Plate

Being able to trace food from bushel to plate is crucial as it impacts the way I approach how I feed my family – from snacks to dinnertime.

I’ve always appreciated transparency in the foods my family and I eat, whether I harvested them myself, or my favorite cafe noted what ingredients were local. Knowing where the food we eat comes from is important.

Farm-to-table was originally coined to refer to any foods that cut out the middleman and avoided the extra pesticides and hormones.

At home, we’ve done what we can to produce our own food. We have a vegetable garden, a coop of chickens, and most recently we’ve added honeybee colonies.



A few summers ago, our pear tree bore fruit, the first time in 10 years of planting the tree on our property. That summer, we had more peaches than we could handle, and we couldn’t eat the winter squash fast enough. Neighbors who purchase our eggs were asking how soon we’d be selling honey. They found comfort in knowing where their food was coming from. They trusted us to grow a food that we would feed to our own family.



As the idea of being able to trace food from farm to table, that’s where I came up with A Bushel and A Plate. Technology is able to now give consumers access to all kinds of information about the food we eat – from the type of seed used to grow it to the name of the person who packed the crate and drove the truck to the market. The healthiest food is grown in a way that is sustainable – both for the earth and the people who eat it.

What A Bushel and A Plate means to me is about a nourished and healthy family, and it’s about food traceability. I care about my family, and I care about the food we eat. I want my family to be healthy, which means that I want to know where our food is coming from, how it was farmed, and who grew it. I want to support products that share these values.


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