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Field Corn Planting is Underway with #CornPlant2020

Field Corn Planting is Underway with #CornPlant2020

Many home gardeners are watching the weather to find the perfect window of time to plant their sweet corn. Just like garden sweet corn, field corn needs the optimal moisture, ground temperature and sunshine to grow well.

It has been a bit cool throughout much of the Midwest this spring, yet we do not have the flooding we saw last year, so that is a blessing. As of this week, more than 65 percent of the corn crop for the U.S. has been planted. That is approximately 95 million acres of corn that will be turned into animal feed, fuel, or human food like the food-grade ingredients that LifeLine Foods manufactures.

Farmers plant more acres of corn than any other commodity crop. And for good reason. It is one of the most versatile and resilient crops. Yet, the weather conditions and soil nutrition need to be just right, for a healthy corn plant to grow. Dependent on the ground type and typical weather patterns for the area, the farmer will choose fertilizers and pest management programs that will yield the best outcome for their fields. Just like the gardener choosing the best hybrid/variety of corn for the juiciest or sweetest corn from their garden, farmers have a plethora of seed options to choose from for their field corn.

We are eager to see what this year’s corn crop looks like and share the news throughout the summer as we give updates on the #CornPlant2020 from our draw area; Northeast Kansas, Northwest Missouri, Southwest Iowa and Southeast Nebraska.

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