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Healthy Living Tips for Your Next Vacation

Healthy Living Tips for Your Next Vacation

Last summer, our family took a road trip to Yellowstone National Park. We loaded up the SUV and drove cross country with all three kids loaded in the backseat. For our family, roads trips are when we  try and minimize the use of cell phone and spend more quality time with each other and our surroundings. If only every day was like this! It feels like a parenting achievement to look back and see all three kids deep into their books.

If you have never visited the upper West, I recommend it. You will be rewarded with views of beautiful rolling hills, mountains, streams, rivers, red rock and wildlife. Truly, it is a national treasure.  

Arranging travel time between stops for breakfast, lunch and dinner is always a challenge when traveling, as you can drive for miles and miles between destinations. While a stop at a greasy diner or a bag of gas-station candy is encouraged, I mostly try and maintain similar eating habits on road trips that we have at home. Before we leave, I try to map out a plan to get us there and back, healthy and happy.

As you plan your next vacation, keep these things in mind:

  • – As you plan your next vacation, keep these things in mind: Take healthy, organic snacks that offer great taste and healthy benefits (e.g., dried fruit and nuts) in plastic zipper bags. It will keep travelers’ tummies full and offer fiber to keep everyone’s digestive system moving.
  • – Carry a reusable water bottle and keep it filled. I have non-water-drinkers in my crew, so I made a contest to see how many bottles of water they could drink in a day. My kids love adding stickers from their travels onto their water bottles as well.
  • – When you arrive at your destination, visit the local grocery store first. Stock up on portable fresh fruits and vegetables and simple items such as bread, cereals, milk, juice and deli meat. This saves you money in the long run!
  • – Plan to have at least one meal in your room. Most hotel rooms or Airbnb’s have small refrigerators to keep drinks cold. You can easily store deli meat, leaf lettuce, sliced cheese and other options in it to create a quick lunch or an easy breakfast.
  • – Avoid buffets. They may seem like an oasis to hungry travelers, but they offer little in the way of nutrition, are packed with calories and fat and invite overeating.

Let me know where you are headed on your next journey. We are always looking for new ideas.

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