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La Bamba Casserole

La Bamba Casserole

As the weather begins to (finally!) warm up, we will spend more time outside getting the gardens ready, trimming and cleaning out the bushes and putting a fresh coat of paint on the chicken coop. I love Spring, but it often feels busy and a little overwhelming as activities start to pick up again. Having a quick, easy recipe waiting in the wings is as much a reward for the cook as it is for the people who will eat it. What better way to make that happen than a casserole? Casseroles are a great way to ensure you serve a well-balanced meal. Another plus: they’re great for cleaning out forgotten ingredients from the pantry.

La Bamba Casserole is something I’ve been making for years and I’ve had requests to share. While I can’t take the credit for this 2002 Cooking Light magazine recipe, I feel nostalgic making it remembering all the times I’ve shared it with friends and family.

While the recipe calls for ground turkey, lean ground beef works just as well. Make sure you drain off the extra grease and test to ensure it is fully cooked. Two cups of whole kernel corn, chopped tomatoes and green onions make this a colorful feast for the eyes, too!

Recipe adapted slightly from Cooking Light Magazine

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