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Meal Prep Smarter, Not Harder

Meal Prep Smarter, Not Harder

A year or so ago, I found our family running from basketball practices, games, school events and meetings to the closest fast food joint for a quick meal. Although convenient and time-saving, nothing takes a toll on your wallet, waists (well, at least for Jeff and me) more than fast food. The fattening food is low-in-fiber and nutrients and causes us all to feel groggy. I had heard about meal-prepping, but hadn’t ever tried it. Today, I can’t live without it.

On Sunday morning, I pull out the calendar and note the days that will be busier than others. Then, I find a few basic recipes for those days, dig through my pantry and fridge, and add the missing ingredients to a grocery list. That evening, I’ll turn on an episode of Netflix and spend an hour or two cooking. Life is busy, but planning your meals out beforehand can alleviate stress and bad habits down the road. Less dishes, better use of time, and healthier meals being eaten.

Here’s my advice:

  • • Select recipes with an eye on ensuring you have a balanced plate (protein, fruits, veggies and some starch).
  • • Choose recipes that are fast, nutritious and easy to make.
  • • Create dishes that reheat well, you’ll store the pre-made dishes in the fridge or freezer.
  • • Make your trip to the grocery store efficient by scanning the pantry and fridge for ingredients first.
  • • Clean, cut and package all ingredients ahead of time in the refrigerator for the week, marking the tops with a sticky note for the day you’ll use them. This also prevents little hands from eating them as snacks.
  • •  If frozen meat or fish is involved, set a reminder on your phone or calendar to get the protein out the morning of.

Meal-prepping works for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Invest in a few nice Tupperware containers and a few hours from your weekend. If meal-prepping works for your family, you’ll look back on your old habits and think “Why wasn’t I do this sooner?” just as I am today.

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