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Night Time Fun Activities

Night Time Fun Activities

With more time spent at home these days, I am trying to be creative with new activities for our kids to try and do, including some nighttime fun in the backyard. Who doesn’t remember their childhood summers filled with great memories of being outdoors? When the sun starts to slowly go down, we have found a couple of favorite activities our boys love to do with us and a few with friends over.

Here are four activities we love doing as a family during those warm summer nights:

1. Movie Night: We love movies inside of our house and have a regular standing Friday night tradition of watching a new one with all the snacks. Last year, we bought a projector and screened movies on the side of our shed outside. It was a huge hit, and the kids love grabbing sleeping bags or the air mattress to throw down on the yard.

2. Stargazing: If you have a science lover in your house, they will love this activity. Stargazing is best done on a night when the sky is clear. You do not even need any equipment. Grab a kid’s astronomy book from the local library and pick out a couple of constellations to identify in the
nighttime sky.

3. Build a fire: A relaxing evening spent telling silly stories around a crackling fire are some of my favorite memories as a child. We love doing this with our kids, too. They especially love making cookie S’mores using my homemade marshmallows and Oreos smashed together.

4. Play Night Games: There are dozens of regular games like hide-and-seek you can do in the dark,but one we like to do is neon baseball. Take glow bracelets and push them through the holes of the whiffle ball. Paint bases with glow-in-the-dark paint, and voila a fun evening of playing America’s favorite game!

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