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Packing and Planning Tips for Family Vacations

Packing and Planning Tips for Family Vacations

Last year, we took the vacation of a lifetime to gorgeous Yellowstone National Park. We have fabulous pictures of bison, moose and more. My father-in-law allowed us to take his travel camper, which was perfect for a national park adventure. Whether we’re flying or driving to our destination, there are a few small habits I live by to make traveling with kiddos a breeze.

A week before you go

Designate a room in the house for packing and layout all of your luggage. Giving each child a personal suitcase or packing cube will help you feel organized and put together before heading out on a trip. During the week, set aside a few minutes daily to pack the things you’ll need in those designated areas.

Ready for the road

  • – Everyone in our house has their own electronic form of entertainment, headphones and color-coded charging wire. This takes a lot of stress out of those long road trips.
  • – Make sure everyone has at a set of pajamas! It also helps to pack a generic t-shirt and shorts that can be used as an extra outfit while on your travels.
  • – Have healthy snacks – nuts, dried fruit, popcorn – with you at all times. This will prevent you from wasting money on those gas station stops.

Keep clothing simple

Stick to neutral colors or clothing you can mix and match, rolling them to save space in your bag and keeping them free from wrinkles. I’ve learned that shoes take up a lot of space, so take the functional ones that you know you’ll wear. In other words, if you can’t wear them from the trail to the restaurant, leave them home. When you feel you’re finished, look at what you’ve packed and pare it down. Everyone should pack one outfit per day and one extra, just in case. 


Stay on the safe side

What if you lose your phone during vacation? Do you feel prepared enough to spend the rest of the vacay without it? Could you call a neighbor to check on the house? Make sure you know a few important numbers by heart, such as family members, friends, or close co-workers in the event that you need to check on things at home.


Bonus tips …

  • – Make sure to check the weather for your destination. Will you need sunscreen? Or will you be needing an umbrella, rain poncho or parka? It’s possible that you’ll need both!
  • – Make a packing list ahead of time and then pull it out a week before you go. It will make your prep much easier knowing that you’ve already thought ahead.

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