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Packing Stress-Free School Lunches

Packing Stress-Free School Lunches

I’ll be the first to admit that school lunches are a pain to put together. From school regulations to picky children, the task should be simple in theory but can be overwhelming. While my two oldest sons could pack their own lunch by this point, they tend to throw handfuls of junk food into a bag as we’re walking out the door.

“What do you have in your lunch?” I ask.

“Crackers and fruit snacks.” they say.

As part of the weekend meal prep, I often prepare small bags of carrots, celery sticks, grapes, strawberries, apple slices, hard-boiled eggs and more for what I refer to as a “modular lunch.”

You can categorize the four staple categories you need for every lunch and choose items from each category. Even our six-year old can grab these “modules,” throw them in a lunch bag and create a nutritious lunch that gives him the energy he needs for the day.

When it comes to dessert, there are much healthier alternatives to cookies — that your kids will still enjoy. My kids love yogurt, applesauce, organic fruit snacks and dried fruit. You’d be surprised at how much kids enjoy these foods, and it helps to develop good eating habits at a young age.

Lastly, have a back-up plan. Some nights or mornings, I’ll be too busy to put together a meal, or I may just forget to do it. There are healthy pre-packed lunch options available at the grocery store in the deli section that are always great to have handy.

I try to always make sure that there’s money in each of our children’s cafeteria account. You can rely on this occasionally, knowing that hopefully you’ve taught your child how to eat responsibly on their own.

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