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Reducing the Rural Footprint

Reducing the Rural Footprint

Reducing the Rural Footprint

Only a few of the “causes” I signed up for have stuck with me like the interest and love I have for the environment. I’ve been beating the environmentally-conscious drum for many years: talking about climate change, the overuse of “things” and mass consumerism. For those who knew me then, I hate to say this, but “I told you so.” 

Within the past few years, we’ve been horrified to learn about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” the plastic crisis and the massive “fatberg” found in an English sewer. Living in the middle of America, it might not seem like we contribute to the problem – but we ALL share the planet. We must ALL take responsibility for it. 

Here are some small ways we make this happen in our home:

  • We separate the garbage and clean the plastic, aluminum and glass (many recycling programs will not accept these products if they are dirty).
  • We have a compost pile! We will be starting a new compost pile this spring.
  • We plan meals, as much as possible, to use the items in our pantry and refrigerator and only purchase the items we truly need, cutting back our waste on food.
  • At the grocery store, we use the fabric, reusable bags when I can remember them
  • To reduce the number of containers in our home, we buy food and other items in bulk.
  • Thrift stores have great sales on dishes and silverware. We use these in favor of paper plates and plastic bags. We also use cloth napkins and reusable straws.
  • Clothes, toys, coats and household goods are recycled or upcycled for different uses.
  • There is nothing better than the fresh smell of line-dried clothing and bed sheets!
  • To save water, we restructured the gutters on the chicken coop to provide water for the ducks, chickens and turkeys. 
  • We adjust the thermostat when we are not home.
  • We’ve chosen paperless billing whenever possible. 
  • We drive environmentally economical vehicles as they omit less gases into the environment.

Stopping junk mail and keeping your desktop files organized, rather than printing, are also thoughtful ideas for making the home office more Earth-friendly. Do you have ideas for being a better steward to the planet? If so, I’d like to hear them!

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