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Strawberry Granola Crisp

Strawberry Granola Crisp

Locally grown strawberries are a real treat – sweet, juicy and flavorful. From an old wooden shack by the side of the highway, my grandparents sold strawberries and offered a “U Pick” option. Sitting on a rickety, cane-back chair, my grandfather watched as pickers arrived, climbing from their cars with baskets to carry their treasures. “Eh, jelly makers,” he would complain, as little ones ran into the patch, crushing strawberries beneath their tiny feet.

Whether you go for fresh strawberries from the farm or store-bought strawberries, this recipe is sure to please. I’m going to call this a “light dessert,” because it doesn’t have much sugar in it. It can also work as well as a delicious breakfast. Simply let it cool and chill overnight for the next morning.  You can serve it with whipped cream or ice cream, but my family likes to pour milk on it. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Note: Recipe slightly adapted from bon appétit.

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