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Super Bowl Prepped and Ready for Guests

Super Bowl Prepped and Ready for Guests

Are you getting ready for the Super Bowl? Maybe you are lucky and have some extra time to deep clean and spruce up the house. If you don’t, we’re on the same page, and I’m going to tell you how you can easily accomplish and throw together a 2-hour slow-cooker corn dip that’s sure to please your armchair quarterbacks. 

Enlist the help of littles and the spouse and grab a basket

Everyone needs to take part in cabin clean-up. Use laundry baskets to pick up everyone’s respective “stuff.” Once the clutter is gone, you’ll see light at the end of the tunnel, I promise.

Empty and clean the kitchen sink and countertops

Empty the dishwasher and start another load. Use a little baking soda on a dishrag to clean the sink thoroughly. Wipe the countertops and your kitchen is done!

You don’t have to clean the shower or any bathrooms guests won’t use.

In the guest bath, make sure the countertops and toilet are clean. There should be at least one roll of toilet paper within reach and a clean hand towel available. Clean the floor and shake the rug.

Sweep the kitchen floor and other hard floor surfaces

If you don’t have a dry mop, get one at the store next time you’re out. I also recently bought a broom and attached dustpan for the pantry. Best. Investment. Ever.

Vacuum only where guests will be

Guest room (where the coats will be located), dining room, living room, etc.

Do not dust.

A friend once told me to light some candles and dim the lamps. No one will notice the dust.

Craft a Cheesy Jalapeno Corn Dip

This recipe makes a great deal of dip, but the leftovers are easily and effectively reheated in the microwave. The jalapenos give it nice, comfortable heat.


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