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The Wonderful World of Work from Home

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The Wonderful World of Work from Home

Three weeks ago, I turned into a full-time telecommuter due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day, I commute from the bed to the dining room table, where my husband and I sip coffee and work. Our kids are also learning from home and will continue to do so through the end of the school year. The situation is far from ideal. I’d venture a guess that many of you reading this may be in the same situation, and I’m here to offer a few tips of what has worked for us:

Mix it up
Our boys are fairly self-sufficient, except for the 8-year-old. In this case, it’s a matter of mixing up his day. His day looks a little like this: math, then outside to play, reading, back outside to play, screen time, outside to play. You get the idea. We let the older boys plan and make two meals a week to help with the workload. Their schoolwork is interspersed with cooking, learning how to do laundry and, recently, a bit of sewing. I know this time spent at home will turn out to be a blessing in the sense they are learning a lot more life skills.

The boys are attempting to carve a baseball bat in between assignments.

Plan ahead
Where are the kids in school? Will they need tutoring or would they be interested in an art or sports program during the summer? Add finding a day camp to the list and make calls now to find the best one for your family. While you’re at it, reschedule the doctor and dental appointments from several weeks ago. Being at home gives you the perfect opportunity and lots of privacy.

Take inventory
I’ve reminded myself that this time in history is just a blimp, albeit a scary one. Right now, you have the opportunity to take inventory of how you are doing – physically, spiritually and mentally – and make a task list. Each day, write a list of a few things you want to accomplish, no matter how trivial they may seem. It will help you feel you are accomplishing a few things.

Build new routines
Is it spiritual reading or prayer, or shutting off the phone earlier at night so you’re not scrolling for hours? Whatever you’ve been meaning to make more time to do, now is the time to establish the routine. Take stock of your freezer and pantry and work out a plan for healthy eating. By the time things are back to normal, you’re living your new routine and headed for a better you.

This, too, shall pass. Stay safe.


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