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Tips for Bringing Meals to New Parents

Tips for Bringing Meals to New Parents

When Jeff and I had our first child, a number of neighbors and friends brought us meals that were easy to prepare – a great gift for when cooking was the last thing on our minds. After three boys, and returning the favor to many of our friends, here’s what I’ve learned.

  1. Make sure you know the schedule of mom and dad AND baby – and the best time to arrive with your meal. New parents are exhausted, so read the signs and don’t overstay your welcome.
  2. If Mom is breastfeeding, whatever you fix needs to be agreeable to baby, too. Be careful with spicy seasonings and keep an eye on nutrition. Nutrients found in avocados, beans, legumes and seeds are great for nourishing milk. In other words, calorie-dense foods that pack a powerful, healthy punch are beneficial.
  3. Consider taking enough food for dinner and have the leftovers already packaged in Tupperware marked with the contents and date for the freezer. In the coming weeks, the lucky parents will benefit from your thoughtfulness.

A go-to recipe of mine is Black Bean Soup. It’s quick to make and not too spicy. Be sure to take all of the toppings – shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream and cut green onions – and pair it with hot cornbread and butter.

What could be better? Take it in a foil pan with a bag of salad for a great, balanced meal. Bonus: No one has to worry about returning the dish. Paying a good deed forward will benefit you in the long run, and your friends and neighbors will have to worry about one less thin

What are some of your favorite recipes to send over to new parents? Would love to hear what some of you are doing for your neighbors and friends who just need a little nourishment after a special event.

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