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Valentine’s Day Fun for the Family

Valentine’s Day Fun for the Family

When I was in grade school, I remember my parents including me in their Valentine’s Day celebration, which was a movie and dinner out. It was a rare event and pretty special. After Jeff and I were married, Valentine’s Day was always spent celebrating our nephew, who was born February 14. Now that he’s out on his own, this will be the first year I really need to think about ways to make Valentine’s Day special for our family. 

A movie and dinner out is a great option, but you and your family can also find age-appropriate movies at home, especially if you have a streaming service such as Netflix. To create an authentic movie experience, pick up a few boxes of candy at the store and pop popcorn – you’ll save money and watch in the comfort of your own living room. If you have little ones, set up a “drive-in” movie experience with a laundry basket turned “car” with blankets and pillows.

Styling the popcorn in a fun way elevates the experience for my kids!

Maybe you have a son or daughter in college or grown and living on their own? One of my college roommates had a canning jar her parents filled with pieces of different colored paper (think red and pink for Valentine’s Day). On each slip of paper was an uplifting or complimentary sentiment she could read when she needed a little encouragement. 

It’s still pretty crisp outside, but it is the perfect time for a brisk walk with your sweetheart. Bundle up for a few minutes away from the kids, and tell your special someone why you love him or her. When you return, build a fire and make this recipe for Spicy Hot Chocolate. You could also try your hand at Homemade Marshmallows, which are delicious and easy to make!

Finally, there are many folks out there who have lost their Valentines. Bake some cookie-cutter heart cookies and make a surprise visit to elderly relatives or to a local nursing home. You’ll feel special and bring them a little extra love during what may be a difficult season for them.

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