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Vegetarian Tamale Pie

Vegetarian Tamale Pie

With the approach of the season of Lent, I have started to gather recipes that are meatless. Living on a farm in the Midwest, a lot of the dishes we traditionally make for dinner include meat as the protein. With three kids, it’s expensive to eat out, so we try and limit our trips to restaurants. This leaves me in charge to cook the meatless dishes I serve to our family during that period.

The exclusion of meat isn’t all bad, as it’s usually better for our health and typically makes the grocery bill a little less. With how easy it is to search for recipes on the internet, we’re now all capable of accessing a million vegetarian recipes at our fingertips. There’s a few that we seem to keep coming back to over the years, including this Vegetarian Tamale Pie.

With the wind chill below freezing, warm and hearty dishes are exactly what keep me tolerating the Winter weather. This recipe exceeds expectations in terms of nutrition using fresh-frozen corn, cornmeal and lots of beans. It has a delicious, sweet cornbread crust and lots of cheese, which makes the boys happy! It’s the perfect addition to our Friday Lent repertoire. Hope you enjoy!

Note: Recipe adapted slightly from This Grandma is Fun

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