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What’s the Deal with Corn?

What’s the Deal with Corn?

Corn. It’s one of the most fascinating and delicious foods on the planet. Also, one of the only foods my children will eat without question – mounded in an antique serving bowl, steaming hot with a little butter and cream on it; coated with neon orange dust; quiet unassuming flakes of gold floating in a bowl full of milk. It’s a pretty big part of our lives.

Much of the corn we eat is grown next door in our neighbor’s garden. They plant organic, non-GMO seed and grow it without herbicides or pesticides. Once a year, they share a truckload of sweet corn with us. It is a blessing and a curse since it has to be processed right away. By midnight, I am the only one who is awake in the house, alternatively cutting the final golden kernels from the cob and parading half-awake to and from the freezer. Through all the work, the result is well worth it. Not only is the corn incredibly delicious, but I know exactly where it came from. What about the chips my kids consume in large quantities? What about the variety of cereal in my pantry? How about the many, many other corn products my family eats daily without even realizing? Where are they coming from?

As the chief grocery shopper, the need to know who is growing, harvesting and milling the food we eat has become incredibly important to me. Would it be too much to ask a manufacturer to process our food the same way my neighbors do – organically, without the use of GMOs? That way, all I have to do is come home from work, make dinner and trust that what I’m giving my kids is right for them, right for our family. In the meantime, I purchase as many fruit and vegetables as I can from the farmer’s market or the vendor off the highway in the summertime. Not only does this support local farmers and growers, but I’m confident that I’m feeding my family real food.

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